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    • Topeak PEDAL WRENCH 15MM
      Reduced price!
    • BBB tb-7545 hex tool

      BBB tb-7545 hex tool

      An ergonomically-designed handle with a long hex for an excellent operation. Suitable for disassembly of cranks, freewheel hubs and pedals. Made of high-grade steel, heat-treated for hardness. Spec: hex 10 mm.

      € 7.95
    • Park tool ccp-22 crank puller
      Reduced price!
    • BBB HEX T BTL-45

      BBB HEX T BTL-45

      T-handle hex wrench. With ball head for hard to reach bolt heads. Handle made of durable composite material. Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm (sold separately).

      € 5.50
    • BBB bottom bracketTool BTL-20L
      Reduced price!

      BBB bottom bracketTool BTL-20L

      The BBB Pullstar Tool BTL-20L is Bottom bracket tool for Shimano type bottom brackets. Compatible with traditional, Octalink and ISIS models. Screw-on blocking mechanism. Extra long handle version allows you to apply more torque than the standard bottom bracket tool. Kraton handle...

      € 22.00
    • BBB Cone wrench fix BTL-25

      BBB Cone wrench fix BTL-25

      Versatile and durable cone wrenches. Sizes: 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 mm (sold separately).

      € 0.00
    • topeak rotor tru
      Reduced price!

      topeak rotor tru

      Ergonomically designed disc brake rotor truing tool. Long padded handle for better leverage and comfortable use.

      € 18.00
    • tb-7638 handle hex wrench

      tb-7638 handle hex wrench

      Spec: 10 mm (ball-end).

      € 6.95
      Reduced price!


      The PRO Brake Piston Lever is designed to separate disc brake pads within the callipers.- Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Brake Piston Lever is compatible with all disc brake systems. It allows you to realign or separate disc brake pads, without damaging them, within the brake...

      € 22.00
    • BTL-10D PEDAL WRENCH 15mm

      BTL-10D PEDAL WRENCH 15mm

      Details : Ergonomic double-sided pedal wrench. Extra wide strong hooks. Remove and replace your pedals quickly and easily.

      € 20.00
      Reduced price!


      A very useful addition to any busy home or professional bike mechanic’s toolbox, the DT-2 disc brake rotor truing tool benefits from Park Tool’s renowned quality and durability. This easy to use bike tool prevents oily fingerprints from getting on the braking surface and it's two slot sizes to give you the ability to make minor edge adjustments...

      € 22.00
    • BTL-27L BRACKET GRIP 44mm
      Reduced price!
    • BBB Bright & Fresh BTL-21
      Reduced price!

      BBB Bright & Fresh BTL-21

      The BRIGHT & FRESH BTL-21 Workshop tools are Modern chain-cleaning tool. Great results in only minutes. No chain disassembly required.Modern chain-cleaning tool. Great results in only minutes. No chain disassembly required. Smooth...

      € 29.00
    • BBB ProfiMount repair stand

      BBB ProfiMount repair stand

      WORKSHOP /  BTL-36High-end bike repair stand with excellent stability Completely adjustable and foldable Convenient frame / seatpost...

      € 195.00
      Reduced price!


      High-end folding tool with chrome plated tools. Strong tools combined with a lightweight blue anodized aluminium case. Dual sided hex key bolt will not separate during use. 16 functions: Hex keys: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm Philips and flat screwdrivers. T25 torx key. Chain...

      € 28.99
    • BBB Hexagon Workshop Tool BTL-13

      BBB Hexagon Workshop Tool BTL-13

      The BBB Hexagon Workshop Tool is a large size hex key. Ideal for removing the hex bolt from the cranks. Sizes: 6, 8 and 10 mm (sold separately).

      € 4.50
    • Park Tool HT-8 Hex Allen key

      Park Tool HT-8 Hex Allen key

      Specially designed for cranks and pedals, our new HT-8 hex tool is designed and built for speed, leverage and comfort. Perfect for changing rear sprockets or splitting cases. HT tools feature an ergonomically designed screwdriver grip, with an extra long, super strong 8mm hex on one end and a ball end hex on the other.

      € 12.00
    • BBB TorqueFix BTL-119 Torque Wrench 5Nm. black/blue