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    Marrey bikes Bike checks

    Cleaning -- It is important to start with a clean bike. Keeping your bike clean will extend the life of your components. As you clean the bike take the time to inspect everything. Look for cracks or other signs of wear that could cause future breakdowns or part failures. Clean the chain, chainrings, cassette, derailleurs, etc. with a biodegradable cleaner. Simple green works great for this. Use an old tooth brush and clean everything. Use as little water as possible. Clean the pedals, the brakes, tires, rims, and the frame. Remove the seatpost from the frame and wipe off any dirt. Wipe the inside of the frame where the seatpost slides into. Apply a very small amount of good grease to the post and reinstall.

    Lube -- Apply lubrication to the chain. It should be applied so there is an even coat on the inside and outside of each link and between the pins and rollers. Leave it one for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess lube with a rag. A few drops should be added to the cables at the nipple end. Gore-Tex and other Teflon cables should never be lubricated. All the pivot points on the front and rear derailleur should be oiled. Apply a few drops to the brake lever pivots and to the exposed brake cable

    Chain -- Use the “12 links equals 12 inches” rule. Measurements of 12 1/8”+ are grounds for replacement. Use one of our chain wear indicators for a precise measurement. A worn chain will quickly wear your chainrings and cassettes.

    Chainrings/Cogs -- Inspect for straightness, bad teeth or small chips. Excessive chain suck with a new chain usually indicates that you need a new chainring. Check chainring bolts for tightness using a torque wrench for accuracy. Do not overtighten.

    Crank/Bottom Bracket -- Check for looseness/smoothness. Remove the chain and spin the cranks around. They should spin freely. If tightening crank bolts doesn’t solve the problem, rework bottom bracket (cartridge or cup-and-seal).

    Handlebar -- Check for bending or looseness. If it’s bent or if there is any indications of cracks or stress areas, replace it.

    Pedals -- Check for axle play by wiggling the pedal. Clean and repack bearings once a year at least. Tighten clips and check straps/clips for excessive wear. Clipless folks check release entities for wear/lubrication.

    Saddle/Seatpost -- Look for saddle rail deformities or cuts in the upholstered material. Lube seatpost liberally with white lithium grease for proper operation. Use electrical tape on small tears.

    Wheels -- Check rims for cracks, dings, dents, loose or broken spokes or other deformity. True wheels-if you can’t do it yourself, take it to a shop-a trued wheel is a strong wheel. Check hub bearings for smoothness/lack of play.

    Tyres =check for Cracks and cuts

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