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BBB Cycling CombiPack M BSB-52 Saddle Bag

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The BBB Cycling CombiPack M (BSB-52) is a complete saddle bag with all the essentials you may need on the road. With this set, you are good to go! Well, not entirely; before hitting the road you do need to attach the saddle bag to your saddle and the mini pump to your frame near your bottle cage, but this won’t take long.

This CombiPack includes a high-quality, spacious saddle bag, a multi tool with 6 commonly used functions, a set of neon green tyre levers, a versatile mini pump and a small repair kit. So, this CombiPack gives you all the basic tools to carry out small repairs on the road. Plus, the saddle bag still offers enough space for an extra inner tube, which is not included to allow you to buy the right one for your tyre size.

Mini pump
The BMP-54 WindWave is a durable, lightweight mini pump made of composite material. Its internal components, such as the piston rod, are made of metal for a sturdy feel when pumping. The DualHead pump head allows you to use the pump with Dunlop, Presta as well as Schrader valves. Furthermore, the WindWave has a maximum pump pressure of 7 bar to ensure you can get home no matter where you are.

Saddle bag
The StorePack BSB-12M is a top-quality saddle bag whose interior is a bright blue colour to make the contents highly visible, even in less favourable conditions. You can organise the contents efficiently using the elastic strap and the inner pocket. The StorePack also has a rear light mounting strap, and a waterproof zip to protect the contents against dirt and water.


• Mini pump size: 250 mm
• Mini pump weight: 111 grams

• Saddle bag dimensions (height x width x length): 9.5 x 8 x 15.5 cm
• Saddle bag volume: 640 grams


The StorePack is not attached with a Velcro strap but with a sturdy clip, which fits most sports saddles. Mounting the StorePack requires some effort due to the clip system, but in the end it is better secured than it would be with a Velcro strap.

Delivery includes

• StorePack M
• BTL-42S MicroFold multi tool with 6 functions
• BTL-81 EasyLift tyre levers (3 pieces)
• BMP-54 WindWave mini pump
• BTL-80D LeakFix repair patch set