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Marrey Bikes Wind Jacket

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-Heavy weight TWIND fabric  

-High neck for a perfect protection

-2 competitive pocket + 1 EXTRA  zip pocket on the right hand side

-Silicone elastic gripper for a perfect adherence to the bib tight

-Pure Made in Italy since 1980

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What distinguishes TWIND from any other membrane on the market is to have a dynamic breathability …. 

What does it mean? It Has the ability to adjust the intensity of TRANSPARANT action following the physical activity expressed:

more movement = more sweat = more transpiration less movement = less sweat = less breathability and less heat loss

Thanks to this intelligent behavior reduces the heat loss by ensuring the maintenance of body temperature and creating more comfort especially during coldest periods.

In addition of being breathable whenever it is necessary, this membrane is :

  • Windproof
  • Thermal
  • High absorption of sweat
  • Thin-Elastic


  • Enclosed structure
  • Hydrophilic membrane
  • 300% elasticity
  • Resistance to washing


  • Wind proof
  • Temperature control with active transport of sweat
  • Maximum strength and durability-lasting features

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