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  • Tubetype assembly (with air chamber)
  • Rigid rods
  • Anti-puncture belt in the center of the tread.
  • Textured shoulder.
  • High performance Graphene 2.0 rubber
  • 26 TPI Nylon carcass.
  • Rolling resistance reduced by approx.40%
  • Grip improved by approximately 30%
  • About 40% better cut resistance
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The Vittoria Zaffiro V tire has been the benchmark for training tires for years, this model is designed on a solid 26 TPI Nylon carcass base and a mixed tread optimized for versatile use, all conditions will be favorable. This tire is simply made to last, it makes you forget you just have to ride.

High performance Graphene G2.0 rubber:

Graphene 2.0 developed by Vittoria allows them to use greater proportions of graphene than in the past in order to further improve the properties of gum mixtures. In addition, Vittoria uses advanced manufacturing tools to obtain tires with 3 different compounds, thus optimizing the properties of each part of the tire.

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