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    Turbo Trainers

    Turbo Trainers

    See our Tacx Blue Tatic and Tacx Blue Motion Turbo trainers now on sale at best price. We have Bike Turbo trainers and Bike Turbo Trainer packages for sale with Free Delivery,all top brands you might need from Marrey Bikes




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    • LifeLine Rocker Plate

      LifeLine Rocker Plate

      The Lifeline Rocker Plate adds an extra level of realism to your indoor training. Mount your trainer to the plate and begin your session. The 13-degree side to side rock simulates the balance of road riding.Compatible with most market-leading trainers including and not exclusive to:

      € 299.00
    • LifeLine Trainer Table

      LifeLine Trainer Table

      The perfect partner for keeping your indoor workout as interesting as possible, the LifeLine Trainer Table keeps your stationary cycling essentials close to hand and your VR training software front and centre, to keep you focused on finishing your run.Keeping your mind ticking over when you can't get a proper outdoor ride...

      € 110.00
    • LifeLine Trainer Mat

      LifeLine Trainer Mat

      Training indoors is important for maintaining form and building your mileage through the winter ready for the season ahead, but reduced airflow and sustained efforts cause you to sweat as your training intensifies.The LifeLine training mat protects your surfaces from sweat and debris from your...

      € 27.00
    • LifeLine RT-01 Roller Trainer

      LifeLine RT-01 Roller Trainer

      LifeLine's RT-01 Roller Trainer is a simple and effective training aid that requires the user to keep balance, exactly like you would during normal outdoor cycling. It is perfect for developing balance and pedalling technique during your home training sessions.

      € 139.00
    • Tacx Indoor Trainer Wheel 11 speed

      Tacx Indoor Trainer Wheel 11 speed

      This saves your Tyre and rules out your ordinary tyre slipping when putting on pressure. Saves time swapping Quick release levers   This Wheel includes : Alloy Rear Wheel Tacx Quick Release Axle Tacx Trainer Tyre...

      € 159.00
    • LifeLine Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer

      LifeLine Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer

      The Xplova NOZA S is an Interactive Smart Trainer. Continue your challenges from outdoor to indoor. Smooth, Stable and Quiet!The Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer is a hidden gem in the trainer market that offers exceptional performance and value for money.The trainer has the backing and input from technology giant...

      € 650.00
    • LifeLine TT-02 Fluid Trainer

      LifeLine TT-02 Fluid Trainer

      The Lifeline TT-02 Fluid Trainer provides a highly realistic, progressive power curve to accurately simulate the feel of outdoor riding conditions. It’s suitable for all common bike types from 26” to 700C; perfect for cycle training at home.Stable and User-friendlyThe TT-02...

      € 145.00
    • LifeLine TT-01 Turbo Trainer (Magnetic)

      LifeLine TT-01 Turbo Trainer (Magnetic)

      The LifeLine Turbo Trainer is a compact turbo trainer with 6-Speed magnetic resistance, which is adjustable via an ergonomic remote gear lever. It's suitable for all common bike types from 26” to 700C; perfect for cycle training at home.Stable and User-friendlyA quick and...

      € 110.00
    • Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Bluetooth Fan

      Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND Bluetooth Fan

      It's fully controllable via ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, and the wind speed can even be adjusted based on your power or heart rate zones (Wahoo's Tickr HRM strap is compatible); the harder you work the more cooling the fan produces.    It's got buttons on the front for manual...

      € 229.00
    • Tacx ANT+ Antenna
      Reduced price!

      Tacx ANT+ Antenna

      With the ANT+ Antenna, you can connect your ANT+ trainer to a computer. This enables you to use software such as the Tacx Trainer software, but also Zwift, TrainerRoad and Bkool, in your trainings. These programmes read out the training data transmitted by the ANT+ trainer.The Antenna is compatible with all ANT+ trainers...

      € 50.00
    • Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Power Trainer

      Wahoo KICKR CORE Smart Power Trainer

      The KICKR CORE combines the legendary performance of the KICKR Smart Trainers with a simplified design — creating a training tool you just can't do without. The latest in Wahoo's line of smart indoor bike trainers the KICKR CORE delivers a realistic accurate and quiet indoor training experience by using the proven flywheel technology and advanced...

      € 799.00
    • Tacx E-Thru Trainer axle Classic trainers 12mm
      Reduced price!

      Tacx E-Thru Trainer axle Classic trainers 12mm

      With the E-Thru axle skewer you use an axle skewer to put your mountain bike in the Tacx trainer. These axles are only suitable for the Tacx classic trainers. Separate axles are available for direct drive trainers, and replace the standard axle skewer. T1707 E-Thru trainer axle M12x1, with metric fine thread....

      € 29.95
    • Tacx Quick Release Skewer

      Tacx Quick Release Skewer

      A quick release for the rear wheel is a spare part much in demand; it is also handy when swapping bikes.Special hub nuts can be used on bikes without quick-release hubs (e.g. city bikes) to adapt them to any Tacx trainer.• Quick release for the rear wheel Tacx Trainers

      € 8.00
    • TACX Trainer Tyre 700X23c

      TACX Trainer Tyre 700X23c

      The Tacx trainer tyre is a special tyre designed for use with Tacx turbo trainers, keeping your actual tyres safe and fresh for competitions. These tyres are not suitable for the road and are exclusively for training use.The blue Tacx trainer tyres have been developed specifically for riding on the indoor trainers. The special rubber...

      € 32.00
    • Wahoo KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

      Wahoo KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

      Arriving in November.The latest innovation from Wahoo will literally take your indoor training to the next level! KICKR CLIMB indoor grade simulator is designed to work exclusively with the new KICKR and new SNAP and when paired, it will add physical grade changes to your indoor training. The CLIMB is compatible with Third Party Apps, so whether...

      € 549.00
    • Wahoo NEW KICKR Snap Bike Trainer

      Wahoo NEW KICKR Snap Bike Trainer

      The Wahoo KICKR SNAP brings a realistic ride experience indoors and into a wheel-on smart trainer. The SNAP's legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced in outdoor climbs and descents. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road. Join the Wahoo Fitness...

      € 549.00
    • Wahoo USB ANT+ KIT

      Wahoo USB ANT+ KIT

      Wahoo USB ANT+ dongle Kit connects KICKR, KICKR SNAP and other ANT+ enabled devices to a Mac or PC. The 3’ extension cord extends the USB ANT+ transmitter away from the computer and towards the connected device to avoid signal interference.USB ANT+ Dongle with 3 foot Extender Cable

      € 39.00
    • Tacx 28/29 x1.25 T1397 trainer tyre

      Tacx 28/29 x1.25 T1397 trainer tyre

      Tacx T1397 Hometrainer Tyre for 28/29 x 1.25"Specially developed for riding on a hometrainer. The rubber compound minimizes overheating, slippage and wear. The Tacx trainer tyre is more silent than standard bicycle tyres. The...

      € 32.00