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    MTB Leisure

    The most popular and well know type of mountain biking, focused on efficient climbing rather than aggressive descending.

    Pretty much every mountain biker has started as XC rider. It is the easiest and least extreme type of mountain biking. XC

    courses and trails are usually a mix of rough forest paths and singletracks, rock gardens and gravel fireroads.


    MTB Racing

    If you like to test your strength and endurance, if you love competition and you think that you are fit that is the style of MTB for you.
    XC racing emphasizes endurance above technical prowess, and races usually vary from 30 minutes to 24 hours in length.
    XC racing bikes tend to have only small amount of suspension travel, they are very lightweight but they are not design for heavy abuse. XC Mountain Bikes are focused on minimizing the pedaling effort as much as possible.


    MTB Enduro

    All mountain riding is the newest trend in mountain biking and its all about having fun. From one side it started with people wondering if they could build a stronger and longer travel XC full suspension bikes and from the other side it started with people who wanted to make their downhill bike lighter and more pedalable. So on the end it offers you best from the both worlds, you can use the same bike for downhill abuse and steep technical climbs. All mountain bikes are the most versatile types of mountainbikes, usually they offer you 5”-7.5” of full suspension travel and are bellow 30lb weight.