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BBB Curve Pack Saddle Bag


The BBB Curve pack Saddle Bag is a high-end curved saddlebag for the best and most natural position under the saddle. That has a Blue interior with inside pocket for optimal visibility of the contents.

  • Lockable zipper for extra security and absolutely rattle-free.
  • LED tail light mounting strap.
  • Black reflective strip on back for extra visibility.
  • T-buckle system for easy installation and removal.
  • Rubber seat post strap for extra stability and prevents damage to lycra shorts and the seat post.
  • Sizes: S (360 cm3), €20, M (520 cm3) €22, L (690 cm3). €24
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Not too many of us will leave the house for a ride with nothing but the clothes we are wearing. We usually need at least a wallet, phone, food and spares, especially if the ride is of any real length. How do we carry all this stuff? Not in your back pocket, but we use a saddlebag. 

Saddle Bag Size