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Bike Box Company Large Foldable Bike Box

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Bike Box Company Large BikeBox is the ideal travel case to bring your bike safely to any destination in the world – not once, but over and over again.

Durable Material:
The BikeBox is made from honeycomb structured Polypropylene sheeting, which makes this box durable and resilient and keeps your bike safe during air travel. It is made from a single sheet which is joined by an ultrasonic welding process – (no glue or staples) and is fully recyclable.

Low Weight:
The BikeBox weighs under 6kgs (excl. accessories) – that means there are 17kg of packing weight before reaching average airline limits! With this BikeBox overweight fees at check-in are a thing of the past.


Airline Acceptable Size:
The size of the BikeBox – when assembled – is 140x80x30cm which is the standard allowed size for most airlines without occurring oversize fees. Once arrived at the destination, the BikeBox folds into itself measuring a mere 83x77x7cm and uses 80% less storage space than an average hardcover case.

The massive advantage to be able to fold the box when not in use:
During AirTravel there are two things to consider when it comes to BikeBox dimensions:

  • The max allowed airline dimensions – and what to do with the Bike Box when arriving at the destination and the journey continues by vehicle or the box has to be stored.
  • One can always make a plan to fit the disassembled bike into a small vehicle, but a normal size bike crate does simply not fit in a small car.
  • Our BikeBox – once folded – fits into any size vehicle or can be stored below the bed.
  • Due to the ability to fold into itself, the BikeBox can be delivered at considerably lower costs.
  • The BikeBox fits all MountainBikes sizes with up to 29-inch wheels.
  • Includes BikeGuards:
    The BikeBox is equipped with Velcro Straps that are used to suspend the rear derailleur in mid-air to avoid impact.
    The included BikeGuards are special bike protection inners that protect all the vital parts of your bike during transport.

    Please note – the BikeGuards are fitted for Mountain Bikes with the following specifications:

    • Disc Brakes Guards: For disc rotors up to 18 cm in diameter
    • Crank: designed for 1x drivetrain
    • Gear Cluster: for up to 12-speed clusters
    • Derailleur: Tested for Shimano and SRAM derailleurs.
    • Front Shock: designed for through axle. (quick release need a Through Axle Fork adapter) (The FrontShock Guard does not fit a Cannondale Lefty).

    An optional accessory are the BikeBox Wheels – these can be easily attached to the bottom of your BikeBox and allow for easy and smooth manoeuvring around the airport.